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My name is Eleonora, a millennial born in Rome, a city in which I pursued and nurtured my creativity by studying Set Design at the Academy of Fine Arts. A few years ago, I realised my dream of coming to live in London, a city that thrives on theatre and art! Once I arrived in this city, the countless stimuli I received led me to develop a passion for technology and graphics, to the extent that it led me to study to become a UX Designer.

As a Set Designer accustomed to creating immersive worlds on stage, I have discovered a passion for translating creativity into digital spaces. My experience designing physical environments has instilled in me a keen sense of visual storytelling, an appreciation for aesthetics, and a meticulous eye for detail.

I bring with me a unique perspective shaped by years of collaboration with diverse teams, adapting to changing narratives and ensuring smooth and engaging journeys for audiences. Whether orchestrating the flow of a play or guiding users through the digital interface, my goal remains the same:

to evoke emotions and create environments that resonate.

This background of mine, combined with my natural curiosity, has always led me to hunger for information. This is why two of my other great passions are reading and travel: I love immensely being able to open a book and find myself in a different world, era, and situations. This gives me the feeling that I can live multiple lives in my life's journey. In the same way, I always try to do everything to have time to fill my eyes with new places and different cultures.

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